Sustained Metaphor: “May”

[ I decided this morning to personalise May, the last month of autumn(Fall) in the Southern Hemisphere, and play a little. My experience of May  is influenced by  a lot of time spent outdoors, and in rural or semi-rural areas. I hope you enjoy what is a dissonant sort of tribute to my favourite time … Continue reading Sustained Metaphor: “May”


Crazy 24h

At 1.28 p.m yesterday I quit the job I had for less than a week, following  a damn disaster I created in a busy kitchen over the weekend. Tears flow as I struggle to come to terms with all my realised fears, and the end of my fragile hopes of escape from the job search … Continue reading Crazy 24h

The Angel at Berriwillock

(This Story was published in the 2010 University of Ballarat Anthology "Montage". I tried to publish it here before but technical issues meant it was never added. Now here it is. I hope you enjoy it. I am migrating all my content to a new look blog, and I now publish at Tumblr though the … Continue reading The Angel at Berriwillock