Pehlwani Potting Mix

[A weird episode paying homage to the Australian Tall Story - a true form of traditional culture down under.] Gorgeous bright tomato red orbs floated behind my eyelids. The sun-ripened ones that yield to a knife like butter and give out juicy seed-laden flavour; I dreamed of them with a longing like homesickness. They would … Continue reading Pehlwani Potting Mix

Albert’s Phenomenal Pitch

[ Hi readers, all the best for 2017. This is my first post for the new year. It features a story I wrote for a competition. One of those competitions where you entered because you felt bad that you hadn't submitted anything lately. I am yet to enter a competition because I really wanted to: … Continue reading Albert’s Phenomenal Pitch

Afternoon Flight

[ Hello readers, a series of new challenges coupled with stories that need a little more research and development have delayed a regular posting. I will soon be exploring anthropomorphism, and sea changes, but in the meantime  I hope you enjoy "Afternoon Flight"] The broken key wobbled out of the door and fell to the floor. … Continue reading Afternoon Flight