About Factitious Vignettes with Danielle

The Factitious Vignettes with Genevieve Eileen came about when the idea that “every budding professional writer needs a blog”seemed valid.

I then explored the web and found around 50 blogs, and there are many more, about how to write. However, English grammar, Rhetoric, of  which I would love to learn more, story development, etcetera,etcetera do not seem inexhaustible within a given person’s lifetime. Lexiconical, Linguistic, and Technology experts go and debate in the corner about that.

If you want to develop you’ve got to practice, and if you practice until you feel “ready” that is never going to happen. At any given time in an artist’s life, and I say life and not career deliberately, there is a version of “ready”. At any given time when you find a post on the Factitious Vignettes, with reference to when it was written, what you read is my second or third draft version of “ready”. Occasionally I put up something in a mistake- ridden form, and then change it. I want you and I to “chill out” about the development of our art, without ever losing sight of what is excellent.

You may never read anything you consider truly excellent on this blog, and that’s OK because it is purely about the fun and absurdity of  being in the world of the imagination, with or without people, to learn, to grow and to connect.  I love to see my characters,and everyone else I know grow and succeed. One thing I know, I  pass the “Marysue Test” with flying colours!

I have plans to build other blogs where I will practice other kinds of writing. I would love it if you would contact me about your blog, or tell me what you like to write about.

Feel free to use the comment section on my blog.


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