That Pink Rose

The history and symbolism of the pink rose in my front garden, and of flowers generally, has become a topic of interest to me this week. Flowers symbolise not only love, friendship, and beauty, but also death, sympathy, unfaithfulness, and fragility.

20170220_132441-lyons-st-pink-rose bud-and-bush-pink-rose

Concerning the specific history of the pink rose in my front yard, which has excited interest in passers-by, with its delightful double blooms, sweet fragrance, and delicate colour I did some research. I don’t know if I am 100% right but after making some observations about bloom appearance, hardiness in unstable weather, vigorous flowering and insistent fragrance, my money is on the rose being a Bella Rosa® standard.

I took these photos of the lovely belle on my front fence line.

This is a commercially available rose and is categorised as a Floribunda Standard. It is a large full rose in appearance with a minimum of 26 petals. Its’ registration name is KORwonder.

Reimer Kordes of Germany (1922-1997) was the grower who bred and registered this wonderful flora. It first appeared in Germany in 1981. Mr Kordes must have been fond of pink roses as he also bred the Pink Kardinia ® which is another pretty rose. It is a taller standard, producing blooms on a single stem

The link to this video provides an overview of rose production, and features a red variety of Bella Rosa.

My next blog post will concern a story in which I played with the Victorian era obsession with the language of flowers to add a distinctive undertone to the narrative.



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