Eight Six Word Stories

[[ I decided to play with six  word stories. I gave them titles  but decided that might be cheating, and take away some of the enjoyment. If you do think of a catchy title, or want to send me a six word story of your own, feel free to use the comments and I will reply. We might be able to do a feature on six word stories. I always feel I should acknowledge a famous six word short story by Ernest Hemingway: For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.]]


Just married buggy race, prostrate bodies.


Broken eggs and scattered feathers.  Weeping.


Lightning bolt. Smouldering tree.  Razed settlement.


Straying glances.  Nightly trysts.  Removal  van.


Student news. Red faces.  Town gossip.


Ghostly visits.  Dying trees.  Abandoned heritage.


Aisle Carpet clean, fumes. Fainting Groom.


Pier Wedding photo shoot. Misstep.Splash!


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