Edit of six word stories : 7 &8

7. Aisle carpet cleaned, fumes. Fainting Groom. 8. Pier wedding photo shoot. Misstep.Splash!


Eight Six Word Stories

[[ I decided to play with six  word stories. I gave them titles  but decided that might be cheating, and take away some of the enjoyment. If you do think of a catchy title, or want to send me a six word story of your own, feel free to use the comments and I will … Continue reading Eight Six Word Stories

Afternoon Flight

[ Hello readers, a series of new challenges coupled with stories that need a little more research and development have delayed a regular posting. I will soon be exploring anthropomorphism, and sea changes, but in the meantime  I hope you enjoy "Afternoon Flight"] The broken key wobbled out of the door and fell to the floor. … Continue reading Afternoon Flight