Flick Meltdown

((Don't try this at home, well not without the safety equipment.)) A moving rainbow of fluorescent frisbees: lime green,flame orange,neon purple,citrus yellow and electric pink flew towards Felicity.The scent of dew-damp grass was in her nostrils,her hands rested on the green spikiness.Early traffic was rumbling,but the smell of damp vegetation was stronger than petrol fumes. … Continue reading Flick Meltdown


Closet Romantic:Part Two

[[I've been preoccupied with a few personal issues, but that did not mean that when reader Pat contacted me and said she wanted to hear more about Derek and his grandparents that I didn't take note. The story is about to be finished 48 hours late--Sorry!   Here goes... I hope you enjoy it, Pat. … Continue reading Closet Romantic:Part Two