Failing Indifference

Life then was anything but sweet.  The first block of flats I lived in with my parents on Westgarth Street in Northcote was a box made of chocolate brown rectangles. The box had a small outside balcony, big enough to fit three cracked plastic chairs, or one chair and a clothes rack. I remember looking through … Continue reading Failing Indifference


Jonathon Paynter and the Frightfully Ugly Jumper

Jonathon Paynter felt uneasy.  Disquiet had plagued him since that night, a fortnight ago when he had left Steph Scammell to walk home: in the rain, in the dark and a distance of 11 kilometres. She had walked from the Mount Buninyong Lookout where he had taken her in his late grandfather’s 1968 Pontiac Parisienne. … Continue reading Jonathon Paynter and the Frightfully Ugly Jumper